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eVe - awarding excellence in art thinking

eVe_ noun  \ ˈēv  \



: the first woman, the wife of Adam, and the mother of Cain and Abel

: Eve symbolizes the "human soul"

: the evening or day before an important event


eVe is the origin. The beginning of a new attitude in tech. The dawn of art thinking.


eVe is a new annual award by The Grid. 

Art is the energy powering our greatest human aspirations. It reminds us of who we are and unravels the truth behind our perception of the world. Art can make us think and understand the inner workings of our tools and creations by unveiling the essence of technology. 


Artists and technologists create realities that often seem unlike. Yet we believe they both share the same ambition: To transcend our human limitations. 


The Grid believes in a rightful place for art in technology. How can those two worlds intersect and learn from each other? The Grid sees a huge potential in the possibilities for highly effectual and powerful technologies to grow in dialogue with artists. We believe that a conversation needs to be started that can develop a mutual understanding between both worlds.    


eVe is a new annual award by The Grid. It honors outstanding collaborative artworks that show the potential of interdisciplinary experimentation between artists and technologists to positively influence the research and development of new technologies. 


eVe looks for artistic collaborations and artworks that repurpose technologies from their intended applications and fill them with new meaning. We are searching for projects that uncover technology’s hidden strengths, point to unforeseen outcomes, and open up new perspectives, while also acknowledging its downsides and unintended consequences. 


eVe wants to encourage art that contributes to a more humane and inclusive technology. 


eVe will be awarded for the first time during SXSW, the world’s leading creativity and innovation conference, in March 2021. The goal is to create an annual event and meeting point for the worlds of technology, policy, and the arts. During SXSW the award ceremony will be part of the official partnership program and broadcasted on one of the five official channels of the virtual festival.


The ceremony will be preceded by a panel discussion with prominent representatives from big tech, policy, the arts, and cultural diplomacy, outlining the vision behind the eVe award as well as opportunities for all stakeholders.

Prize Money: 10,000 USD

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