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The Grid explained by Vikram Chandra



Who? Aligning artists and technologists to enhance our humanity

The Grid is a global network connecting artists and technologists. It was launched in Silicon Valley and has since transformed into a global multi-stakeholder platform of artists, technologists, cultural institutes, global art institutions, policy makers, and tech companies.

What? Art Powers Technology

The Grid follows an ambitious vision: We want to incorporate art-thinking into the development of new technologies and to jump-start a conversation between artists, technologists, and policy makers from around the world.


Technology flings us into the future.

The Grid explained by Vikram Chandra

Emerging technologies are both local and global. Tech innovation coming out of Silicon Valley and elsewhere has major ripple effects throughout the entire world, dominating our lives in both positive and negative ways.

By placing artists within tech R&D teams at the heart of the global tech industry, in Silicon Valley, we allow art thinking to positively influence tech development processes. Additionally to our rapidly growing network, our new activities build on the findings of our investigation, published in The Grid - Art + Tech Reports of 2019 and our recent The Grid - Art + Tech Report of 2020.





We are on a mission to shape best practices and innovative models for collaboration between artists and technologists. 


Our partner network includes international art organizations, for-profit technology companies, representatives of civil society, academic and research institutions, local and international government offices, start-ups and beyond.

The Grid is generously supported by a EUNIC grant in the framework of the European ‘Houses’ of Culture project, initiated by the European Parliament and implemented by EUNIC in close collaboration with the European Commission and the European External Action Service. EUNIC is Europe’s network of national cultural institutes with 36 members from all EU Member States.

EUNIC Silicon Valley is Europe’s network of national cultural institutes

in the San Francisco Bay Area and includes the following member institutions:

The Grid is generously supported by our global tech partner Salesforce.

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