“The Grid: Exposure - Art + Tech + Policy Days” explores innovative ways to reconnect the world in our current state of isolation. Exposure is The Grid’s new annual festival format, an art + tech expo in San Francisco. It showcases the vast creative potential of Silicon Valley, exposing the global community to its ideas. Technologies are not mere artifacts, but dynamic systems entwined with culture and policy. 


Mobilizing artists, technologists, and policy makers from around the world, Exposure reimagines interdisciplinary and international collaboration to overcome deadlock and siloed thinking. Through art, panels, performances, interactive experiences, talks, and workshops, Exposure works towards shaping technological development for the benefit of all.


​Exposure showcases the leading art + tech organizations in the SF Bay Area - Gray Area, CODAME, ZERO1, MUTEK.SF - while engaging in a dialogue with the local tech industry, and policy makers from Brussels and California on such topics as AI and creativity, reimagining tech regulation, and the creation of new digital communities around the world.

Exposure Festival Theme 2020 “Blurring Borders”

This year’s Exposure deploys the visual phenomenon of “Blurring Borders” as an artistic strategy. It creates a platform for technology to make itself vulnerable to artistic practices rooted in humanism that expose the essence of our digital reality. We will blur the artificial boundaries between the worlds of art, technology, and policy, creating a shared experience within and between different communities.


FEATURING: OpenAI, Salesforce, Google, Adobe, Tableau, Facebook, Ars Electronica Futurelab, ThoughtWorks Arts, Stealth AI Startup, Trinity College Dublin, Institute for the Future, Random Institute, Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at UC Berkeley,  EUNIC Global, ImPULStanz, McGill University, SOMArts Cultural Center, CultureHub NY, Shakespeare Theatre Company DC, Academy for Theatre and Digitality DC, Toasterlab, Calling Up Justice, In Series, Dancing Earth, NowNet Arts, Economic Security Project, Social Income, CirclesUBI, Insight Center for Community Economic Development, and many more.

In partnership with Ars Electronica 2020

“In Kepler’s Garden”


Ars Electronica 2020 addresses the current feeling of uncertainty about how the Corona crisis will shape us as individuals, as societies, and as humanity. The festival focuses on two tensions: AUTONOMY and DEMOCRACY as well as TECHNOLOGY and ECOLOGY.

AI x MUSIC Garden Silicon Valley: 

Exposure examines the relationship between artificial intelligence and human creativity from a Silicon Valley perspective. Exposure will explore the blurry line separating the artist from the machine by comparing different creative approaches in Europe and Silicon Valley. 

Curatorial Co-Directors: Clara Blume and Vanessa Chang

Technical Director: Jordan Gray

Chair of Advisory Board: Martin Rauchbauer

Communications Managers: Nadine Schach & Kylee Mebust

Design, Mood Film, Opener: Dockyard Creative Production Studio

Festival Team: Hannah Angely, Juliette Donadieu, Robert O'Driscoll, Anna Maria Di Giorgio, Mary Ellyn Johnson, Algance Mahdjoub, Noemie Njangiru, Michael Treacy, Nicola Ruffo, Bettina Wodianka


Showcasing SF Bay Area Cultural Organizations: 

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With kind support of: